Saturday, February 27, 2010


2010 has been a busy year thus far. I haven't really had a chance to update in a while, mainly because I've had so much going on in the shop. First off, Jimmy Lazer of Sick Electric has finally received his guitar. Here's a picture of it right before it was strung up and handed off.

This guitar was a pretty crazy project to work on. The most difficult part of this guitar was trying to turn an arcade button into a kill switch. After struggling for about a month, I discovered a type of kill switch at Radioshack. It's a fairly simple circuit arrangement, but it took a while for common sense to kick in.

Here are some pictures of Jim with it at the album release for "Death by Electrocution"

I've also been at work on Ryan Magoni's 5 string. Ryan recently gave me the piece of wood that he's selected as the fretboard. This piece of wood may be one of the the craziest pieces of wood I have ever seen. Its a piece of Black and white ebony (its definitely the craziest piece of ebony I've ever seen). I'm currently refering to this fretboard as the "Holy Shit Fretboard". More pictures will be up soon!