Saturday, December 17, 2011

Geometric Top

I've recently embarked on an exciting new self initiated project. Basically, I've been dying to make something using wenge and yellowheart exclusively. The idea is that this is going to be a top and headstock plate for an 8 string bass that will be mine.

You can see the process photos below of different pattern arrangements, but this first one here is the pattern I'm going to go with.

Its going to be a neck through, this laminated arrow design will most likely not be seen very much, but I think it will be a nice snappy detail that you'll catch in glimpses of.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Double Neck Bass

I've just recently begun work on a Double Neck bass. It is going to be a 30" short scale bass on the top with an active circuit, and a 34" scale fretless bass for the bottom with a passive circuit. The body is Honduran mohagany, the neck will be maple with ebony and rosewood fretboards. At the request of Jost (the musician this is for) I have routed in a series of shadow boxes and we've selected small objects and memorabilia to place in them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Short Scale Bass for Nick Pagano

I have I've been slowly plugging away at a new short scale bass for Nick Pagano of Fairhaven. This Glider is a 30" scale bass with a wenge top and matching headplate with an alder body and a 3 piece maple and wenge neck. It has one Seymour Duncan Ceramic Musicman Style Pickup by the bridge for a very detailed sound.

This bass was a lot of fun to build for a number of reasons. For one, Nick Pagano is an exceptional bass player. It was very exciting to make an instrument for a musician who can really bring an instrument to life. It was great to make something that was straight foward and less complex than what I normally produce, but it was also a challenge to preserve the quality of the Glider's shape & scale as the body on this bass is guitar sized.

Fairhaven Live

Nick approached me about building him a custom after I built him a replacement neck for his P-bass.

The 1st neck

The first neck I built was damaged in a loading accident, so I built him a Re-replacement. In the process of building neck #2, we sat down and modified some details for the new neck like a new headstock shape and a U profile instead of a C.

The New Neck

As you can see, the headstock has changed from an old P-bass shape to more of a Telecaster shape drawn by Mr. Pagano himself. We didn't include the outer wenge stripes as they don't photograph well (evidenced by the first picture). He was so thrilled by how this neck turned out, he broke down and put in an order for a complete custom.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New HOWL Video

Congratulations to the guys from HOWL on their new Music Video for their song "Heavenless". Keep your eyes peeled for Rob Icaza's sweet custom amid the gore!