Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, to say the least, FooFest was amazing. 

Rachel, I and some friends journeyed into Downtown Providence to Empire Street just in time to catch Deertick ( Rachel and I went to Highschool with some of them and it was great to see them playing in front of a huge crowd that knew the words and the melodies. 

FooFest introduced me to the Metal-Samba sounds of Made in Mexico, I really enjoyed the bright yellow Gibson SG. 

We stayed through to the megalithic headlining Lightning Bolt.

I haven't seen them in a couple years, it was really cool to see them live again, most of the time its treacherous to see them live due to over zealous music goers. HOWEVER, they played mostly new material that I haven't heard yet and it was AWESOME. Brian Gibson is definitely one of the most innovative bassists in the world right now. They're current catalogue of recorded material is pretty spastic and frenetic; last night there was some song they played that was really heavy and had this awesome groove to it, very muscular and menacing. 

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